‘Oceans, A Worldview at the Rhythm of the Waves’, Le Fresnoy/Académie TBA21, Tourcoing Cedex, France

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Bára is installed as a 28 channel sound installation playing at every high tide time, washing through the whole space for 20 minutes every day. Surround sound by Tony Myatt.

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The artists:
Doug Aikten, Atif Akin, Darren Almond, Julian Charrière, Edith Dekyndt, Simon Faithfull, Ellie Ga, Tue Greenfort, Ariel Guzik, Newell Harry, Alexander Lee, Basim Magdy, Eduardo Navarro, Enrique Ramirez, Sissel Tolaas, Janaina Tschäpe et David Gruber, Ana Vaz, Jana Winderen, Susanne M. Winterling.

Stefanie Hessler

Set designer:
Philipp Krummel

This exhibition offers a contrasting vision of our world by adopting the viewpoint of the oceans. Not the continents, but the fluidity of water and the elusive yet constant swell of tides are its compass.

For this event, Le Fresnoy is partnering with the Académie TBA21, a contemporary art foundation with a commitment to environmental issues, particularly in relation to the oceans. Académie TBA21 has just completed its 16th expedition, during which artists and scientists imagined and experimented with hypotheses regarding the transformation of oceanic territories. Together, they are helping to constructing a new collective narrative, a new imaginary, an evolving, shared heritage that can offer a positive, optimistic framework within which each person can find the means and motivation to implement the changes that are needed to make the world more sustainable and more just.

The work by these artists fits into an 'oceanic' viewpoint, exploring the cultural, political and biological dimensions of the oceans. Some artists analyse the effects of problems such as climate change and the rising sea level, while other projects put the emphasis on human relations. This exhibition will present new works originating in the Académie’s expeditions in the Pacific Ocean, together with exceptional works from the Thyssen–Bornemisza Art Contemporary collection and works produced by Le Fresnoy.

In his book Prospectus, Diderot used the metaphor of the 'sea of objects that surrounds us, an image rich both in the promise of future discoveries and in dangers.' In the exhibition, we will explore the mythical symbolism of water, establishing its kinship with an artefact of modernity, the Internet (in hypermedia environments, Navigator and Explorer explicitly employ the metaphor of ocean travel). The technical resources available to artists have changed. Digital language now offers multiple possibilities and has opened up radically new fields of experimentation, allowing artists and scientists to bring us fresh intellectual and sensorial knowledge of the sea.