Send + Receive v14, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The piece Drying out in the Sun will be presented at the Send + Receive festival in Winnipeg, Canada. The piece was originally made for a four-speaker outdoor public installation at Starfield Simulation #36, Scaniaparken in Malmö, Sweden, 4th September - 2nd October 2011. The piece is also released on the limited edition 12 inch vinyl Débris.

The festival will feature performances by:

Akio Suzuki (JP)
Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR)
Nmperign (US)
the Rita (BC)
Angela Forget (MB)
Jeffrey Allport (SK)

Featuring works by:

Chris Watson (UK)
Douglas Quin (US)
Jana Winderen (NO)
Hope Peterson (MB)
Jane Tingley (QC)
Garth Hardy (MB)
Jamie Woollard (MB/QC)
George Brecht (US)
Christian Wolff (US) 'stones' performed by the send + receive Temporary Ensemble (MB)