‘Through the Bones’, Thailand Biennale 2018

The technique of listening to fish, crustacea, coral and mammals in the Ocean with an oar to the head has been a known technique in fishing communities from Greenland to Thailand for thousands of years. 'Through the bones' is based on this knowledge combined with technology and hydrophone recording techniques. I have done field trips in relation to this project to learn more about this technique and to learn how local, sustainable fishing villages in Thailand is maintaining a healthy and vibrant community though carefully caring for the environment and the people.

The experience for the audience starts at high enough tide to go out with the boat to travel down the river Pali where you will be shown how to listen with an oar to the head to fish and crustacea. You will then be taken to the 'sala' to rest and listen as long as you like, but you have to pay attention to the tide and you will be taken back up the river before the tide is too low for the boats.

Made in collaboration with Palin, Mahn, Supan, Guy, Usen, Bang Yo, Bang Tuang, Go Wat, Bang Pod, Palm and local people in Tha Pom community. Special thanks to Bang Nee, his family and the community in Chana. Curated by Joshua Jiang.

Logo and signage design by Philip Marshall.

The project is supported by the Office of Contemporary Art Norway.

ประเทือง จักร์แก้ว
Pratuang Jakkaew
photo by Lena Winderen

สมาน สามัญบุตร์
Saman Samanbut

เยาะ มุคุระ
Yo Mukura
photo by Lena Winderen

สุพรรณ ราชการ
Supan Rachakan
photo by Lena Winderen

อัจนา วะจิดี
Ajjana Wajidee
photo by Palin Ansusinha