‘Ultraworld’ at BEOPEN, sound portal at Trafalgar Square, London

Jana presented a new work, Ultraworld, for the sound portal at Trafalgar Square, London, a collaboration with Sound and Music, London Design Festival and Arup.

The programme for the Sound Portal was:

19 Sept: Ivan Pavlov (CoH)
20 Sept: Nathaniel Robin Mann
21 Sept: Jo Thomas
22 Sept: Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher)
23 Sept: Jana Winderen

Find a BBC news item about it here:

Ultraworld, Jana Winderen, 2012

All sound is invisible; ultra sound is inaudible. Of course, many species have a greater range of hearing than us humans... dogs, for example, can hear the silent whistle we blow... this is the mysterious world of ultra sound.

Both creatures on land and under water produce and/or perceive very high frequencies. Some species of insects, birds, fish, and mammals can emit and hear ultrasound, used for communications, hunting and orientation. These creatures operate on a different level of perception to us, in an inaudible range above 20kHz...

The mix for the piece is based on ultra sound recordings made with specialist microphones above and below the water. The recordings were made in various locations in Russia, Thailand, England, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The sound is time stretched to bring it into a frequency area audible for human beings.

The piece is co-procuced by Touch (UK)

Spatial audio software programming by Prof Tony Myatt.

Recordings made with a Pettersson D1000X ultrasound detector, Batbox duett, Reson 4032 and DPA hydrophones onto a Sound Devices 477T recorder.