Arno River, Pisa

Following the Arno river from the center of Pisa to the mouth of the river where it reaches the Mediterranian Sea.

Jana was making the recordings in the river in connection with her quadrophonic performance at Ufficio Fiumi e Fossi by the river as part of the program Electronica alla Spina 4.

Find link to the website here.

Ufficio Fiumi e Fossi (Office of Rivers and Channels) is an ancient institution, founded in 1475, devoted to the administration of the water (rivers, channels, torrents etc.) in this part of Tuscany.

The event was curated and organized by the EAS 04 team including Massimo Bianchini, Cristina Avanzinelli, Massimo Magrini, Vittore Baroni, Gabriele Bartolucci, Azzurra Pavone and Nicola Catalanoby.