Dark Ecology Field Trip, Kirkenes, Nikel, Zapolyarny

Participated in the field trip to Kirkenes, Nikel and Zapolyarny, made a presentation and collected material for a new work.

Artists involved in the project are BJNilsen, Franz Pommasl, Signe Lindén, Espen Sommer Eide, Raviv Ganchrow, Chikiss, Sergey Suokas, Andreas Nordenstam and many more. Keynote speaker Timothy Morton.

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Dark Ecology is a three-year art, research and commissioning project, initiated by the Dutch Sonic Acts Foundation and Kirkenes-based curator Hilde Methi, and in collaboration with Norwegian and Russian partners. The Dark Ecology project unfolds through research, the creation of new artworks, and a public programme that will be presented in the zone on both sides of the border in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The programme for 2014 includes lectures, presentations of newly commissioned artworks, guided walks, a discursive programme, concert evenings, and a workshop.