The Barents Sea, 2008

You can find a daily log of the trip to the Barents Sea here from the 27th Feberuary until the time I was put ashore at some point following week.

Starting on the 27th February, Jana is taking part in a field trip with The Institute of Marine Research on the ship Johan Hjort to record the sounds of the south east of the Barents Sea as cod start their migration towards the Norwegian coastline. This is part of the collection of sounds for the project "Voices from the Deep" in collaboration with Chris Watson.

This project is made possible by support of the IMR, Institute of Marine Research, Biology Department, University in Bergen and The Norwegian Arts Council, Art and New Technology.

5th day: 2nd March

Arriving at Hånningsvåg 05.30 in the morning

Ended the field trip with recording the wind at Nordkapp (North Cape).

4th day: 1st March

After the accident with the DPAs, when they got crushed by the ship, did some 4060 recording, and some Dolphin Ear recordings of the ship. Got some wild sounds. Thanks to the crew at Johan Hjort!

3rd day: 29th February

Sunshine, no wind, though the day started with a hail storm. Trawled for pelagic fish, and hoped to get some haddock that could be put in a tank and recorded. Will see how the day goes. Recorded the measuring of the fish and the pulling of the pelagic trawler.

2nd day: 28th February

Leaving Vadsø. First station W000 (70°N x 30°) measuring CTD and fishing to count, measure and weigh the fish found at the first station. Amongst the shrimp, cod and haddock there was a 33kg halibut.

You can tell the age of the cod by taking out the otolitt (ørestein in Norwegian). Each year the cod get a new ørering (in Norwegian) as trees do each year. The juvenile (ie before spawning for first time) cod even get daily rings.

You can tell alot about the condition of the cod stock by looking at the age groups in various areas in relation to the consistence and size of their liver.

Recorded the ship, and the trawler coming up with the fish. Later the same day i did a hydrophone recording of the trawling. Recording in the mashine room and the bridge.

First station W000

By third station W003

Jana recording with two DPA hydrophones on each side of the ship

1st day

Arriving in Vadsø via Kirkenes, hydrophone recorded sounds of the ship in the pier before leaving the harbour. The field trip will start tomorrow morning. -17 °C in Kirkenes, -12°C in Vadsø, hardly any wind.