|'Atelier(s), Cloître du Musée, Evreux, France, 14 June 2014

Thomas Köner and Jana Winderen will be playing at the Cloître de Musée in Evreux as part of the |'Atelier(s) program curated by Franck Dubois. Find information here: lateliers.free.fr

It is a collaboration between |'Atelier(s), Museum of Art, History and Archaeology and Media Centre.

Saturday, JUNE 14th | 17h | Media Center of Evreux

Denis BOYER (Feardrop), Mike HARDING (Touch), Thierry WEYD (Ésam Caen-Cherbourg)

Collaboration: |'Atelier(s), Media Center, Ésam Caen-Cherbourg, Feardrop

Free entrance at Media Center, Square Georges Brassens, 27000 Évreux, France.

Before Jana Winderen and Thomas Köner’s concert the same day at the Museum of Art History and Archeology cloister, a lecture will be provided by Denis Boyer, director of sound review Feardrop, on its texts on the Ice Musical Imagination (L'imaginaire musical des glaces) and Thomas Köner.

Presentation of Touch with the presence of its director Mike Harding (who publishes among other works, Jana Winderen and Thomas Köner), and Thierry Weyd (teacher and editor) in the matter of Jana Winderen research residency at the Laboratory of Art and Water initiated by Esam Caen-Cherbourg (Art Academy).

Franck Dubois, director of |'Atelier(s) and Frédéric Cosset, president of |'Atelier(s) will question Denis Boyer, Mike Harding and Thierry Weyd.