Durham University Fellowship

Jana Winderen was a Fellow at IAS (Institute for Advanced Studies) at Durham University with the project Exploring Arctic Soundscapes.


On 7 March 2022, Jana was in conversation with Britt Kramvig and Susanne Winterling as Fellows at the University of Durham in the ongoing project Exploring Arctic Soundscapes. On 9 March 2022 Jana gave a talk and live performance in relation to her ongoing work with the Arctic soundscapes.

In relation to her Fellowship she undertook a field trip to Andenes, Norway from 9 January – 18 January 2022. From 12 June – 19 June 2022 Jana recorded the echo location clicks from sperm whales, learning the underwater environment around Egga (the continental shelf by Andøya) through sound from different perspectives and from different voices. She spent most of June on Helge.

The Arctic Soundscapes project will be ongoing into 2023. The projects investigators are Professor Philip Steinberg, Dr. Robert Baxter and Dr Eric Egan. The project fellows are Professor Susanne Winterling, Professor Britt Kramvig and Jana Winderen. Jana is working on a commissioned to be performed in spring 2023.