Embedded Frequencies, Lodge, Chicago, 5 April 2015

A listening event curated by Alyssa Moxley and Phil Peters.

More information here: heyevent.com

Embedded Frequencies

Sound acts as a bridge connecting the distant and close at hand, the above and below ground. Vibrational forces articulate unseen structures and locations, modulating within space and substance.

Embedded Frequencies is a confluence of sound and materiality. This event brings together artists whose field recordings and live performances envelop us in a momentary perception of an autonomous whole. Situated in a darkened room, the boundaries that cordon inaccessible environments from the everyday are temporarily dissolved. Like viewing a two-way mirror in the dark, we will perceive through listening what moves beyond the surface.The shared acoustic fields, meticulously recorded and presented on four channels, mesh with the harmonics of the space, allowing us to simultaneously occupy multiple geographies. Embedded and dislocated, we can hear the dense stone of the Dolomites in Italy disintegrate into riverbeds; the crossing of the border into Odessa; the emergence of oils and gases from subterranean to industrial channels; an empty storage tank singing back to itself; and the creatures communicating through the waters of the deep arctic.

Electronic musicians Peter Speer and Coppice will respond live to the space to create soundscapes that alternate between absorbing and reinforcing the tonal components of the room.

Between performances, audience members are invited to listen to the acoustic properties of LODGE through headphones via a supporting microphone installation created by the curators.

Works by:
Austen Brown
Peter Cusack
Jez Riley French
Alyssa Moxley
Martyna PoznaƄska
Jana Winderen

Performances by:
Peter Speer