‘Evaporation’ mp4 file for iPhone and iPod, May 1 2010

Track listing:
1: Evaporation - 18m22s

You can purchase the file made for iPhone/iPod at Touch shop here.

Evaporation was a sound and video installation by Jana Winderen shown at TodaysArt festival, den Haag (NL) 25th - 26th September 2009, curated by Mike Harding and Remco Schuurbiers.

Winderen visited Greenland first time in July 2007 where she did hydrophone recordings 25 metres under the ice and inside the ice itself. The video footage is from the same trip.

Evaporation is the slow vaporisation of a liquid and the reverse of condensation. A type of phase transition, it is the process by which molecules in a liquid state (e.g. water) spontaneously become gaseous (e.g. water vapor). Generally, evaporation can be seen by the gradual disappearance of a liquid from a substance when exposed to a significant volume of gas.

Screenshot of the iPhone /iPod film: