Extra City, Belgium, 11 - 13 January 2008

Jana will take part in the collaborative sound installation called Rainbow Audio Transformation, a project organised by Nico Dockx and CM von Hausswolff in collaboration with Extra City, NICC and Champ d'Actionorganised in Antwerp with Brandon LaBelle, Nico Dockx, CM von Hausswollf, Leon Milo, Maia Urstad, Philip Marshall, Finnbogi Petursson and Mike Harding.

Extra City

CM von Hausswollf

Maia Urstad

Finnbogi Petursson

Opening the 11th January. During the week of setting up there will also be organised artist presentations and talks.

Each artist will work with the following frequencies and make looped sound works that will be played back simultaneously in the exhibition space:

RED = Mike Harding
wavelength of roughly 625-750 nm
ORANGE = Philip Marshall
wavelength of roughly 585-620 nm
YELLOW = Finnbogi Petursson
wavelength of roughly 570-580 nm
GREEN = Maia Urstad
wavelength of roughly 520-570 nm
BLUE = Leon Milo
wavelength of roughly 440-490 nm
(INDIGO) = Brandon LaBelle
wavelength of roughly 450-420 nm
VIOLET = Jana Winderen
wavelength of roughly 380-420 nm

  • WHITE = CM von Hausswolff
    all colors of the visible light spectrum
    BLACK = Building Transmissions
    absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them

Supported by OCA, Office for Contemporary Art, Norway