'fathom', opening concert for Ultima festival in Oslo City Hall

fathom is a concert by Chris Watson, Tony Myatt and Jana Winderen composed especially for the Oslo City Hall.

From the Ultima Website:
The opening concert of Ultima 2024 plunges listeners into an ocean of sound. fathom is a new collaboration between three pioneers of spatial audio art, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen and Tony Myatt. Inviting the listener on a sonic journey from the Oslo fjord to the ancient bed of the Norwegian Sea, it fills the Oslo City Hall with marine sound environments, using live three-dimensional spatial audio projection.
Voyage down the Oslofjord to Skagerrak, where powerful currents sweep north to break on the rock faces of the Lofoten archipelago. Above and below the surface, arctic currents mix and merge with thriving and diverse communities of wildlife. These are highly evolved, complex and fragile species now threatened by industrial exploitation. The currents carry the listener on to Jan Mayen and soundtracks from seabed to the mountain summit. Here, evolving over millennia, the ocean has its own deep voice. When allowed to speak, it offers the most eloquent appeal for its own survival.

Find the program for the Ultima festival here.ultima.no/en/opening-concert-fathom

Photo by Trond Solberg