Jana Winderen in California

Presentations at Pomona College and at Fulcrum Arts in Pasedena and on Dublab’s Long Wave broadcast, Los Angeles, California, LA, 4 - 9 November 2019

November 5th 4:15pm: Rose Hills Theatre, Smith Campus Center, Presentation of the work Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone

November 6th at 7pm: The Bridges Auditorium, multi-channel demonstration

November 9th at Fulcrum Arts: Free Radicals, On the Provocations of Awe, free with RSVP

Fulcrum Arts, the Williamson Gallery at ArtCenter and Pitzer College Art Galleries will present the symposium, Free Radicals: On the Provocations of Awe, a program of Fulcrum Arts’ AxS (art + science) initiative.

Theoretical cosmologist Janna Levin will deliver the keynote presentation, and the symposium will also include presentations by Rana Adhikari, Bill Anthes, I.R. Bach, Nancy Baker Cahill, Beatriz Cortez, Ciara Ennis, Tom Hall, Ian Ingram, Karen Lofgren, Kyle McDonald, Rebeca Mendez, Chris Parks, Archie Prakash, Brittany Ransom, Christopher Richmond, Sasha Simochina, Jana Winderen, The World in a Cell, and Jenny Yurshansky.

November 8th at 2pm: Long Wave on Dublab, presented by Mike Harding with Gabi Strong and Ian Wellman. Tune in to Mike Harding’s monthly show on Los Angeles-based experimental radio station, Dublab. Jana Winderen will discuss her latest work and also the challenges confronting artists in the modern era, with professional field recordist Ian Wellman and artist and musician Gabi Strong.