‘Jana Winderen: Listening to the Ocean’

Y-Jean Mum-Delsalle has interviewed Jana Winderen for TLmag. You can read the full interview at tlmagazine.com

‘The life on, above and under water has long captivated Jana Winderen. Delving into the hidden depths to uncover the complexity and mystery of the invisible world beneath, reaching places and creatures that are hard to access, the Norwegian sound artist, 54, brings the audio topography and richness of oceans, rivers, lakes and glaciers to the surface. As fish, crustaceans, aquatic insects and mammals use sound to communicate, orient, hunt and meet across the globe’s oceans, she has recorded everything from seals, dolphins, humpback whales, shrimp, cod, perch, damselfish, bats and even coral reefs. Creating intensely moving experiences, her works may be viewed as a call to action in light of climate change and other urgent environmental issues that we may be less aware of since we can’t see them directly, as they are submerged in the seas.’