28° North and Parallel Weathers, KHOJ, New Delhi

'Listen through the Dead Zones', a sound installation originally commissioned by IHME, Helsinki, will be shown at Kohj studios from 31 January to 12 March 2024 in the exhibition '28° North and Parallel Weathers'.

From Kohj's website: '28° North and Parallel Weathers is a culmination of Khoj’s ‘weather reporting’ project as part of the World Weather Network — a coalition of 28 arts organisations from around the world formed in response to the climate condition that amplifies our understanding of weather and connects artists and lived experiences of weather.

Featuring work by artists Shahana Rajani and Zahra Malkani, Raqs Media Collective, Mithu Sen and Atul Bhalla from Khoj’s weather station, situated on the 28° North Parallel, and Jana Winderen, Ron Bull, Stefan Marks, Janine Randerson, and Rachel Shearer from the wider World Weather Network, the exhibition asks to question'