‘Oceans, Imagining A Tidalectic Worldview’, Monestery of Our Lady of the Cave, Lopud, Croatia, 6 July 2018

Concert and exhibition opening for Oceans, Imagining A Tidalectic Worldview, Monastery of Our Lady of the Cave, Lopud, Friday, July 6, 2018.

Oceans. Imagining a Tidalectic Worldview presents 17 artists whose works cast oceanic perspectives on the cultural, political, and biological dimensions of the oceans, some examining the effects of human-made issues such as climate change and sea-level rise, and others reimagining human and “more-than-human” relationships. Organized by TBA21-Academy and the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, is presented in two parts, at the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik and at the newly restored Franciscan Monastery on the island of Lopud. The symposium Return to the Sea spanned across the opening of Oceans in its two locations to inaugurate the exhibition by focusing on the important issues facing the oceans today and on the policies that could bring about change as seen through the lens of art.

More info: tba21.org