Public Private Interface, Art and Technology in Public Space, workshop 7 - 10 June 2006

Participating in the workshop Public Private Interface - Art and Technology in Public Space at Atelier Nord Oslo/Norway by Susanne Jaschko & Erich Berger.

Urban public space operates as an interface between the
individual and the public.
It is a highly social, political and economic space.
Nowadays digital technologies are omnipresent in this space,
employed as systems for communication, control and organisation.
The use and application of these technologies have strongly
effected our understanding, perception and behaviour of
public and private spaces.

The workshop will deal with the public space as field of artistic
expression. We will analyse the properties and conditions of
public space and the potential for art responding to this specific
environment. Special attention will be laid on art and design using
the existing technological infrastructure.

The workshop will consist of:

  • Introduction into the theory and history of public space
  • Analysis of public space and its typology
  • Technological infrastructure of public spaces
  • Potential for art in public space
  • How to conceive art and design for public space
  • Concept development and discussions
  • Hands on experiments, research and presentations