Silencing of the Reefs part 1, live at Rovinj, Crotatia, 2 September 2012

Jana will be performing the multichannel piece Silencing of the Reefs part 1, live outdoors at the conference:PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS 002: The Field is Open _ .

Curated by Alisa Andrasek & Bruno Juricic.

Silencing of the Reefs part 1 is co-produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary.

About the conference PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS 002: The Field is Open _ :

Through discoveries in material science, computing, construction and technology, the boundaries of architecture are becoming increasingly open.

According to thinkers such as Slavoj Zizek and Timothy Morton, new ideas of nature do not distinguish it from artifice revealing effects that go beyond traditionally established notions of the natural, where matter takes on a strange and unnatural agency. Design becomes catalytic agency in a process of amplifying found environments and synthesizing new ones, recomputed through the emerging protocols of architecture. Against the principles of holism that characterized earlier ecological thinking, this kind of synthetic approach recognizes the active participation of nonhuman forces and material agency in events and provides a new ground for addressing both design and ecology.