Talks and Workshops, February – April 2021

24 and 25 February 2021: Screaming at a small bird. An active listening workshop and a public talk in relation to the commission for IHME, Helsinki for ART, SCIENCE, ECOLOGY course at University of Helsinki and Uniarts Helsinki´s Academy of Fine Arts. Find more information here:

4 March 2021: Hearing Stories: Narrative Audio in Isolation, a joint talk with Kaitlin Prest and Jana Winderen, moderated by Mitchell Akiyama (Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, Design) and Neil Verma (Northwestern University). Find it here:

17 March 2021: Talk at the Art Academy in Trondheim, NTNU.

20 March 2021: A Closer Listen, a Masterclass/Workshop for BragaBMA lab in relation to Jana’s residency and forthcoming exhibition for grnation in Braga.

6 April 2021: Jana did a talk as part of the Walking Festival of Sound, a trans-disciplinary event exploring the role of walking through and listening to our everyday surroundings. The Walking Festival of Sound combines a number of free and public events including walking performances, walking seminars and listening sessions, all taking place in diverse public spaces and online. The festival was founded and is curated by Jacek Smolicki and Tim Shaw. More info:

8 April 2021: A one-hour session, organised as a dialogue/debate between Peter Cusack and Jana
organised by Communication and Society Studies Centre at University of Minho, Campus de Gualtarin Braga, Portugal. More info:

13 April 2021: A talk for students in Klangkunstklasse at Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig.

14 April 2021: A talk for Ocean UNI, TBA21–Academy.

22 April 2021: A talk for London College of Communication / CRiSAP Research Centre Sound Arts Visiting Practitioners series.