Tenthaus, Oslo, opening 14 October 2016

Vandrere by Jana Winderen at Tenthaus Oslo.

October 14th - November 6th
Opening hours: Fri - Sun, 1pm - 5pm
Address Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo

Exhibition preview: Friday October 14th, 5 pm - 8 pm

Soup at the opening by The Northern Company

Freshwater biologists count underwater insects and use this data as an indicator of the water´s health. If one identifies the sound of specific underwater insects, that have the capability to survive various forms of pollution, one can possibly, through focused listening, reach an understanding of the health of the river. In this work. Winderen has listened to and been focused on fish and plankton in the Aker River and inner Oslo Fjord and the fish migrations both up and down river. She creates a sound installation with local sound situation in context with other areas of the earth, from seas and rivers where fish and mammals migrate.

Winderen’s installation consists of underwater recordings from the Aker River and inner Oslo Fjord and set in a context with underwater footage from the Caribbean Ocean, the North Atlantic, the Barents Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Her work aims to divulge that local conditions affects and is affected by the global eco-climate. By looking into a microscope and through focused listening, she has discovered relationships and arrived at understandings that would otherwise have been missed. In freshwater, the listener can hear underwater insects use of “stridulation” that suggests the state of health of any river or lake.

More information about Tenthaus here: tenthaus.no