Three Online Talks in October

Jana Winderen will be participating in three Zoom talks during October 2020.

6 October 2020 – Praksis, Oslo, 11:00 CET
Click here for further info and Zoom Event Link

12 October 2020 – Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab, 13:15 CET
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21 October 2020 – Bioacouostic Day
Organised by Karen de Jong, Hans Slabbekoorn and Berges Benoit, a link will follow to the talk.

A partial programme for the day:
14:00 Clara Amorim – the function of fish sounds: state of the art
14:15 Jana Winderen – The Art of Listening: Under Water
14:30 Karen Bussmann – not only a male story: Female wrasses produce sound during courtship
14:45 Boudewijn Od’e – discussion on how and where we could potentially collect recorded fish sounds