freq_out 6 perfomance, at Dreamlands Burn, Finnisage at Mücsarnok, Auditorium in Budapest, Hungary

JG Thirlwell made a score for the freq_out6 performance conducted by Carl Michael von Hausswolff for the Dreamlands Burn finnisage the 23rd of February in Budapest, Hungary.

The freq_out 6 performance, done in relation to the freq_out 6 installation in the Mücsarnok gallery

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

The Score made by JG Thirlwell

Jana Winderen, JG Thirlwell, PerMagnus Lindborg, at the back Finnbogi Petursson

Franz Pomassel, Kent Tankred, at the back BJ Nilsen and Jacob Kirkegaard

Maia Urstad, Brandon Labelle, Jana Winderen, Jim G. Thirlwell

Brandon LaBelle and Jana Winderen