The Swamp Pavillion, Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition, Venice

Jana was one of the artists contributing to the Swamp summer school as part of the Swamp pavillion for the Venice Architecture Biannual, it was curated by Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas working with the Vilnius based Architecture Fund and the commissioner Pippo Ciorra.

Jana was running a workshop together with her assistant Jan Moszumanski and contributing with a live performance.

Jana's participation in the project is supported by OCA, Office of Contemporary Art, Norway.

The other Swamp Radio contributors:

Interlocutors: Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, sound artists (Latvia), Nicole L’Huillier, architect (Peru), Nicolas Kisic Aguirre, architect (Peru).

Tutors and contributors: Sam Auinger, sound artist (Austria), Chelsea Bruck, urbanist (USA), Erin Genia, artist (USA), Tommi Gronlund, sound artist (Finland), Tomas Grunskis, architect (Lithuania), Jurga Katakinaitė-Jakubauskienė and Reda Valentinavičienė, artists (Lithuania), Jonas Kubilius, scientist (Lithuania), Petteri Nisunen, sound artist (Finland), PaleoEnergetique, energy designers (France), Jana Winderen, sound artist (Norway), Francisco Lopez, sound artist (Spain), Lina Lapelyte, sound artist (Lithuania), Kate Orff, architect (USA), Antanas Šarkauskas & Gabrielė Šarkauskienė, architects (Lithuania), Kęstas Vaikšnoras, architect (Lithuania), Yvonne Volkart, critic, curator (Switzerland), Aline Veillat, researcher (Switzerland), Beatriz Colomina, architecture theorist (USA), Mark Wigley, architecture theorist (USA).