12” white label vinyl. Cut by Jason @ Transition. The fourth in the series of limited edition vinyls in the Tone 45 white label series.

The vinyl is now sold out but you can buy a digital download of the release at Bandcamp.

‘Scuttling Around in the Shallows’ is from the quadrophonic installation of the same name showed at Galerie B-312, Montreal, Canada, 8 January - 5 February 2011.

‘Drying Out in the Sun’ is from a four-speaker outdoor public installation at Starfield Simulation #36, Scaniaparken in Malmö, Sweden, 4 September - 2 October 2011.

Above: Jason at Transition Studios, photographed by Jana Winderen.


A: Scuttling Around in the Shallows 11:25
B: Drying Out in the Sun 16:01